Are you ready to:

  • Build a business that can run profitably with or without you?!  
  • Free yourself from the never ending churn of 1-1 client work that leaves you feeling overworked and under appreciated?
  • Quickly turn your knowledge into an in-demand, refund-proof online course that gets your clients the results they can for?

Then it's time to PLAN Your First (or Next) Online Course!

Take the first step to creating a course that gives you the freedom to do more of what you love and live the life you want WHILE earning the income you deserve.

Here's the Truth...

Most aspiring and existing course creators struggle to create profitable courses because they don't know where to start or the skip important steps in their course creation journey. 


There are 5 steps to planning a a successful course before you even get to creating your curriculum or marketing. 


And I'm going to teach them to you in my 5-Day Slay Your Course Challenge.

What Is The 'Slay Your Course' Challenge?

The Slay Your Course Challenge is a 5-day challenge designed to help you do the prerequisite planning necessary to successfully outline your course curriculum and pre-sell your course.  


Your Course Plan is the foundation of developing a course you love to teach, market and sell. 


You will be challenged. 

You get clear.

You get connected.

And you will be confident you can get it done!

I was frustrated and apprehensive  about building out my course. This challenge was simple and easy to understand while being fun and engaging. I left the first challenge CONFIDENT and ready to move on to the next steps. If you are planning to create a course or have tried and been unsuccessful, this is YOUR time and this is YOUR moment to do it and Kenya has the tools, methods and support to help you Slay your way to success! 

Coach Kenyatte Tidwell

The SYC challenge was perfect timing for my journey. Kenya's teaching style was so caring, joyful, and very personable. The ladies in the group were generous in their time, energy, and sharing helpful feedback.  I'm so confident, once I show up and place my products in the market place, it will be sustainable, enjoyable, effective, and scalable. I absolutely recommend this program!

Sharis Caldwell, My Beautiful Book Boss LLC

Everyday of the Slay Your Course Challenge

You'll Receive...

  • Email & Facebook Posts, you'll get each day's challenge conveniently sent to your inbox and in our Facebook group. 

  • Training Video, to give you more direction and insight on completing your task.

  • Action Step, Each day you will receive a call to action to get momentum.

  • Live Slay Sessions, Each Friday you'll have a chance to get your questions answered live.

  • Text Notifications, Facebook not your thing. Sign up to get nudges via text. 




Come get comfortable and meet the host and your fellow course slayers!

You never know who you'll meet. 



Make Market Research Sexy

Learn how to spy on your competitors and read your prospective student's minds.


Let's Find Your Dream Students

The clearer you are on who you’re creating your course for, the easier it will be to teach and sell. 


Create Your Course Origin Story

Learn how to communicate WHY your course exists so you can attract your dream clients with ease.


Find A Topic The Excites Your Crowd

To slay your course topic, you must get crystal clear on the problem you will solve for your audience.


Teach and Grow Rich

Learn what it takes to teach what you know and make more impact and income than you ever thought possible.

Your Course Creation Journey Starts With CLARITY.

Clarity = confidence and to create a course that generates predictable cashflow, you can't play around "guessing." So, join the challenge today!

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